Bracoo Adjustable Waist Trimmer Belt, Superior Quality & Design for Abdominal Weight Loss, Unisex

Bracoo Adjustable Waist Trimmer Belt, Superior Quality & Design for Abdominal Weight Loss, Unisex

  • Superior quality featuring 100% latex-free neoprene which is odourless and non-toxic, tactile anti-slip technology along the inner lining prevents slippage during intense exercise, and patented ‘soft’ Velcro hooks for unrivalled product durability
  • Maximized abdominal weight-loss through excellent heat retention which increases perspiration, burns off extra calories, and optimizes metabolism during workouts; ideal for cardio routines, toning abs, or regular outdoor exercise
  • Improved muscle performance through mild compression; reduces excessive motion and vibration while increasing circulation and support to core muscles resulting in less fatigue and fewer gym injuries
  • Comfortable and lightweight; retains its shape without inhibiting motion; can be worn discretely beneath clothing
  • Elegantly simple design is intuitive, easily adjustable; fits waists up to 40″ in circumference; available in black

Superior Technology & Design
Our trimmer features a tactile-grid surface along the inner lining designed specifically to prevent slippage during high-intensity workouts. Intuitive fastening system is easily adjustable and fits almost any waist size. Made of high-quality 100% latex-free neoprene and features ‘soft’ Velcro hooks for improved product durability.

Medical Performance
Effectively retains body heat to increase perspiration around the waist and lower back which results in an improved ‘trimming’ effect around the targeted region. Compresses and supports core muscles for enhanced performance while reducing fatigue and strain. Wear directly against skin for optimal performance.

Ideal for Exercise
– Abdominal toning
– Core training
– Increased metabolic rate

Technical Specifications
– 75% quality neoprene (no latex), 25% nylon
– Hand wash in cool water – hang dry
– Belt coverage: 7.5″ x 40″
– Available in Black (unisex)
-One belt per package

Designed in the USA. Manufactured in Taiwan.
FDA Certified

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