Quest Kyolic Garlic 600mg – 120 Tablets

Quest Kyolic Garlic 600mg - 120 Tablets

  • Kyolic Garlic 600MG
  • Unique, high strength antioxidant
  • May help support levels of chemicals in the brain responsible for regulating mood Helps maintain a healthy level of probiotic bacteria in the gut
  • Garlic is traditionally used for it’s anti-fungal properties
  • Hydrogenated fat; animal substances; artificial preservatives, colours and flavours; added starch, sucrose, lactose or salt; yeast or wheat

Quest-Kyolic Garlic 600mg (120 tablet)Kyolic garlic is produced from organically grown cloves cold aged for 20 months to produce sulphur containing compounds including s-allyl cysteine and S-allyl mercaptocysteine. Aged garlic contributes to normal heart, liver and immune function.

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