Pure Natural Bentonite Clay Powder – from Spain – LIVING EARTH CLAYS – (Soft Beige Montmorillonite Clay) 300g

Pure Natural Bentonite Clay Powder - from Spain - LIVING EARTH CLAYS - (Soft Beige Montmorillonite Clay) 300g

  • Our pure and natural calcium bentonite clay powder has been carefully chosen from high quality mineral deposits in Spain. It is gently purified to remove any trace heavy elements without the use of bleaches or radiation, making it safe to use on even delicate & sensitive skin.
  • Premium grade calcium bentonite clay for healing and drawing out toxicity, formed from aged volcanic ash.
  • Beautifully packaged in a high quality amber glass jar, to ensure the delicate ionic charge of the clay retains it’s full integrity. Refill pouches are also available.

Calcium Bentonite is a mineral rich clay, which is formed from aged volcanic ash, deposited by pyrocylastic material into marine environments. The first deposit of Bentonite clay was discovered at Fort Benton in Wyoming in the United States. Since then deposits of both Calcium and Sodium Bentonite have been found throughout the World. Many indigenous cultures have used healing clays for thousands of years. Inspired by observing the ways sick and injured animals would eat from clay deposits and drink clay rich waters to clear themselves of parasites and impurities. It is also frequent for animals to engage in clay water and clay dust bathing to maintain healthy skin, free from infections, parasites and impurities. What makes Calcium Bentonite so special amongst healing clays is its ability to adsorb and absorb. There is a strong negative charge to Calcium Bentonite, where a lot of unsatisfied negatively charged ions surround each particle. These negatively charged ions want to bond with positively charged ions to become stable molecules. Once Calcium Bentonite comes into contact with toxins, bacteria, viruses, parasites and other impurities that carry a positive charge, the Bentonite bonds to and inactivates them. This process is adsorption, which acts like a magnet to draws impurities out of the tissues. It is the adsorbative qualities in Calcium Bentonite clay that makes it more effective at drawing impurities than similar clays such as Sodium Bentonite and Illite based clays, which are purely absorbative clays. Absorption is a much slower process. The action is similar to a sponge and the impurities are drawn between the layers of the clay, where they can be safely held and escorted away from the body. Calcium Bentonite is structured in layers of aluminium oxides held between layers of silicate compounds, hence Calcium Bentonite is often called an Aluminosilicate clay, which belong to the Smectite family of clays with high percentages of Montmorillionite crystals

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