Organic Maca Powder – Superfood Supplement – Natural Energy Booster 25g FREE UK Delivery

Organic Maca Powder - Superfood Supplement - Natural Energy Booster 25g FREE UK Delivery

  • Maca Root Powder – Lepidium meyenii. Produce of Peru.
  • 100% Pure Vegetable – no fillers, no bulking agents, no artificial ingredients, or preservatives.
  • Supplied in a heat-sealed foil pouch for freshness and security.
  • Made from PET/AL/LLDPE to provide high barrier protection against light, moisture and oxygen for extended life.
  • Re-sealable for safe storage.

What is Maca? Maca is a small radish-like root vegetable native to the Andes in South America. The plant has been cultivated for over 3000 years, highly prized by indigenous cultures due to its ability to nourish, boost energy, increase stamina, and heighten libido.

Legend has it that ancient Incan warriors took Maca before battle to make them physically strong. But, after conquering a city, the soldiers were prohibited from taking it to protect the conquered women from their increased desires.

  • Known as Peruvian Ginseng – increases energy, stamina and endurance.
  • Similar nutritional content to cereals – made up of 14% protein, 9% fibre.
  • Packed with phytonutrients – contains nearly 60 phytochemicals.
  • Used in sports nutrition – plant sterols help build muscle.
  • Contains 19 amino acids.
  • Rich in vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B12 and vitamins C and E.
  • Good source of fatty acids including linolenic, palmitic and oleic acid.
  • High mineral content – iron, potassium, copper, magnesium, selenium, phosphorous and calcium.

How to use Maca has a malty butterscotch-like flavour and is great added to smoothies, protein drinks, yoghurts, milkshakes, and cereals.

Cautions Contains glucosinolates – Not recommended if you have a thyroid condition.

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