Natural Factors Green Tea Phytosome (50mg, 60 Capsules)

Natural Factors Green Tea Phytosome (50mg, 60 Capsules)

  • Natural Antioxidant Protection
  • Enhanced Absorption
  • Standardised Potency
  • Herbal Dietary Supplement
  • Green Tea Phytosome is the result of a unique, patented process that binds Green Tea to phosphatidylcholine (from soy lecithin). Green Tea is well known as a protective antioxidant. Antioxidants preserve cell health, which may lead to improved longevity and well-being. The Phytosome complex increases the absorption, biological activity, and delivery of Green Tea, making it the most beneficial form of Green Tea extract.

It is standardized to a very high polyphenol content (not less than 60%) with the most active polyphenol, epigallocatechin 3-0-gallate comprising at least 40% of the extract and is then bound to two parts phosphatidylcholine (from lecithin) to significantly enhance bioavailability.

Cultivated since ancient times in China, there are now numerous scientific studies documenting the beneficial properties of Green Tea, including its powerful antioxidant effects. Antioxidants have been clinically proven to scavenge free radicals and prevent damage to cellular structures throughout the human body.* ; **Phytosomes┢ are herbal substances that are combined with phosphatidylcholine molecules to enhance absorption and bioavailability. This new molecule is both water and fat soluble.

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