MSM Crystal Powder – 1kg

MSM Crystal Powder - 1kg

  • Pure MSM Powder from Indigo Herbs
  • Quality Assured to Indigo Herbs Excellent Standards. This product is 100% pure botanical ingredients, completely free of synthetic ingredients with absolutely nothing added. It is manufactured to GMP standards
  • Indigo Herbs products naturally empower optimum health and nutrition

Our MSM Powder can be added to a little water, milk or fruit juice and taken daily.
MSM can also be added to a Superfood smoothie.

Daily Serving:
Take 2g – 8g. Should be introduced slowly starting with 1g – 2g per day, then gradually increased. 1 teaspoon equals 3 grams (1 tsp = 3g).

Quality & Manufacture:
Indigo Herbs MSM Powder is skillfully crafted by one of the premier MSM manufactures in China. The manufacturing process was designed to closely mirror the naturally
occurring development of MSM crystals in the upper atmosphere. Once this process gets underway crystals start to form in a warm body of water which is then spun at high
speeds to separate most of the water from the newly formed crystal. The remaining solution is then filtered to make sure that the solution is free from any contaminants before
being allowed to cool to form solid crystals. When the MSM forms into lattice shaped crystals any other particles that have attached themselves immediately disconnect because
of the form of the crystalline shape. This stage is closely monitored to insure that all pollutants are completely free from the crystals before the final stage of drying.

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