Herb Pharm Herbal Digestive Bitters Compound (1fl oz (29.6ml), Certified Organic)

Herb Pharm Herbal Digestive Bitters Compound (1fl oz (29.6ml), Certified Organic)

  • The herbs used to prepare this compound are Certified Organically Grown 1 without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides, or they are Custom Wildcrafted 2 in their natural wild habitat.
  • They are hand-harvested at their optimal potency, and are then promptly extracted after being carefully shade-dried.
  • D These herbs are never fumigated or irradiated.

The digestive process is a complex and well-synchronized combination of physical and chemical processes. Our choices of food and quantity together with our mental outlook while eating, have a huge impact on digestion. Chewing and swallowing, which are the beginning of the digestive process, are voluntary actions. After we consciously swallow our food, digestion switches from a voluntary to an involuntary process. While the conscious choices we have made leading up to this point will strongly influence digestion, the rest of the process is out of our direct control. Still, there is one more conscious step we can take to positively impact digestion — take digestive bitters.

Bitters also stimulate the liver and prepare the gall bladder for the release of bile. Using bitters before eating has always been a good idea, but the need for additional bitters has become a necessity as most people have eliminated most of the bitter foods from their diet.

Bitters are a true tonic that should be taken regularly over time in the same way that bitter foods would be consumed. Continued use of Digestive Bitters Compound is not only safe, it is the most effective way to use bitters. The positive effect of bitters on digestion actually increases with time and the full effect is seen only after continued and prolonged use.

Gentian root is considered the quintessential bitter tonic. It is used to strengthen digestion in cases of chronic weakness and during recovery from illness, to enhance poor appetite, to improve digestion of fats and increase assimilation of nutrients. Gentian does not contain any of the essential oils that are associated with aromatic and pungent bitters and therefore possesses a very clean, pure bitter taste. The root is very potent and, amazingly, the bitter taste can be detected in dilutions as weak as one in twenty thousand.

Digestive Bitters Compound also contains aromatic bitters including Angelica root, Hyssop lea

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