Garlic Tablets 1400mg – high strength, odour controlled – 100% UK-made-180 tablets

Garlic Tablets 1400mg - high strength, odour controlled - 100% UK-made-180 tablets

  • Equivalent to 1400mg of fresh garlic
  • Controls garlic odour, prevents garlic from repeating
  • Guaranteed allicin yield of 2mg per tablet
  • Fantastic value for money – based on potency and price
  • Special 10 layer tablet coating – controls garlic odour, prevents repeating

Premium quality Our garlic tablets have been carefully standardised to retain the ‘active’ compound allicin, responsible for garlic’s strong aroma and important properties. Each tablet contains the equivalent of 1400mg of fresh garlic containing 2mg of allicin. The special tablet coating helps to control the garlic odour and ensure the tablets start to release after they have passed through the stomach. Many products on the market have been deodorised but this method destroys the important allicin content, whilst the heat process used by other manufacturers destroys valuable sulphur compounds. In the UK alone, in excess of one hundred million garlic capsules and tablets are purchased every year. Garlic possesses remarkably effective powers not only to the digestive system but it may also help maintain normal cholesterol levels in the circulation, when part of a healthy low fat diet. Traditionally, this herb has also been used to boost immune function. What makes us different? All of our tablets and capsules are made from start to finish in the UK. Each of our products is made to our own tight specification. We never purchase ‘off the shelf’ bulk tablets or capsules. Full Money Back Guarantee We’re confident you’ll be pleased with our product and you can try it at no risk because our no-quibble money back guarantee means just that. If it doesn’t work you can have your money back

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