Garlic Tablets | 10,000mg Ultra Strength Supplements | Oxford Vitality ®

Garlic Tablets | 10,000mg Ultra Strength Supplements | Oxford Vitality ®

  • Garlic Extract Helps Maintain Blood Glucose Regulation and is a Powerful Antioxidan
  • Garlic Tablets Helps to Give the Immune System a Boost
  • Garlic is Known for its Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal & Anti-Bacterial Properties
  • These Garlic Tablets contains 50mg of a 200:1 extract providing 10,000mg of active ingredient.
  • All of Oxford Vitality’s Garlic Tablets are Manufactured by Our Expert Team in the UK

Garlic Tablets from Oxford Vitality. The strongest in the range these Ultra Strength tablets have 10,000mg in them.

The commonly known “Garlic” is grown on the native Asian plant, Allium Sativum. The Allium Sativum is part of the Lily family and is best grown in environments with a high water content such as riverbeds. The plant grows to around half a metre and develops bulbous roots that are used for extract. It is well known for its use as a flavouring in cooking, but its use in medicine far precedes this.

There is evidence of medicinal use as far back as 1,500BC in Ancient Egypt, Greece, India and China. History shows that Garlic was a method of payment and a staple part of the diet for workers building the pyramids. It was also used as food for soldiers in Greece and Rome as they believed it gave them strength.

Modern science has now dictated the real benefits and how these affect the body. The active ingredient is of Garlic is Allicin. Allicin is an organic sulphur based compound. The main property of Allicin is its anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal nature. This is incredibly beneficial to health as it regulates the pathogenic levels, between narrow limits within the body. This leads to promotion of immunity and balance of the healthy microbiota in the gut. In addition to this, Garlic is rich with antioxidant properties that lead to a decrease in cell damage and onset of disease.

The role of an antioxidant is complex, but it scavenges harmful particles called free radicals that attack tissue integrity via oxidation. There is also evidence to show the beneficial effects of Garlic on respiratory health, by regulating its function. Lastly, it has been linked with the therapeutic regulation of blood glucose concentration, promotion of insulin secretion and maintenance of healthy carbohydrate metabolism.

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