Dong Quai Extra 2000mg Tablets | Supplements for General Sexual Health | Oxford Vitality ®

Dong Quai Extra 2000mg Tablets | Supplements for General Sexual Health | Oxford Vitality ®

  • Dong Quai from the botanical source Angelica sinensis is known as the female Ginseng
  • Supports oxygen transport / maintains oxygen transport by red blood cells- Blood system
  • We have two strengths of this product 1000mg and 2000mg
  • Available in 30, 60, 120, 240, 500 or 1000 tablet pack sizes
  • All of Oxford Vitalitys Dong Quai tablets are manufactured by our expert team here in the UK.

Dong Quai is alternatively known as the Chinese Angelica, extracted from the Angelica Sinensis. The Dong Quai plant is native to China, grown best in direct sunlight and intermediate water supplies.The Angelica Sinensis is a long living plant that can grow to around 1 metre.

Historically, its pungent aniseed flavouring has been used in confectionery and oils. As a herbal extract for supplements the root is harvested and processed. The name Angelica Sinensis earned its name from a medieval folk tale that described how a Monk was taught the benefits of the Dong Qua from an Angel, hence “Angelica”. Dong Quai has been used as a treatment for female health problems in Chinese medicine. Dong Quai translates to “return to order” due to its restoration properties.

The active ingredients of Dong Quai are Coumarin and Ferulic Acid. Health claims of Dong Quai are mainly associated with females. Dong Quai has been shown to effect Oestrogen, by reducing it in the body. This benefits Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) or end of menarche menopausal symptoms. The plant is a natural adaptogen and so can also have calming properties on stress and mood. In addition, Dong Quai has been nicknamed “The Blood Mover”, it is thought to support oxygen transport by red blood cells. It also ‘invigorates’ the cardiovascular, cerebral and joint systems, supporting normal function and activating metabolism and renewal.

We offer strengths of 1000mg and 2000mg. In a 2000mg strength there is 100mg of Angelica Sinensis, the equivalent of 2000mg of dried Dong Quai root. This tablet comes in a manageable 6mm diameter, which is very easy to swallow. Dong Quai is generally considered safe. If you experience any adverse side effects, please discontinue usage. We advise you do not sunbathe, or expose yourself to high levels of sunlight during consumption of this supplement.

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