Comvita Olive Leaf Complex 500ml

Comvita Olive Leaf Complex 500ml

  • Olive Leaf Complex is a high potency liquid tonic designed for everyday antioxidant support & protection
  • Made with fresh olive leaves picked at sunrise and harvested before lunch to capture the maximum antioxidant activity.
  • Contains 12 key naturally occurring polyphenolic antoixdants including oleuropein (22mg per 5ml dose) delivering powerful free radical scavenging ability.
  • Contains 5 times the antioxidant activity of Vitamin C and 30 times the polyphenolic content of extra virgin olive oil.
  • Does not contain any olive leaf extract powders or artificially boosted oleuropein products. Freshly sqeezed, not reconstituted.

In Mediterranean countries people live to a ripe old age. The olive is a key constituent of their diet… the most nutritious part of the olive tree is the leaves. From the leaves we get Olive Leaf Complex – a highly nutritious food and powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants help reduce free radical damage and may contribute to heart and cardiovascular health and assist in the maintenance of general well being.

Olive Leaf Complex has 400% more antioxidant capacity than vitamin C… probably the most commonly used antioxidant. It is made solely from fresh, alive, olive leaves picked each day before sunrise when they are at their most potent.

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