Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C & E Skin Care Supplement For Women & Men

Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C & E Skin Care Supplement For Women & Men

  • **3 x Bottles Just £25** PREMIUM BIO-ACTIVE MARINE COLLAGEN – Skin is made of 75-80% collagen. As we age your body loses its ability to reproduce collagen which causes skin to lose its firmness causing sagging, fine lines and wrinkles. Complexion Rehab contains a huge 700mg daily dose of responsibly sourced premium grade bio-active marine collagen (free from inferior pork, beef or plant sourced collagen).
  • PREMIUM HYALURONIC ACID – This acts as a cushioning and lubrication agent for our joints, nerves, hair, skin and eyes. Around 50% of our bodies natural reserves of this substance is found in our skin. Find a huge 60mg daily dose within Complexion Rehab.
  • PREMIUM VITAMIN C + E – Vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid) is abundant in vegetables and fruits. A water-soluble vitamin and powerful antioxidant, it helps the body form and maintain connective tissue, including bones, blood vessels, and skin. Vitamin E works to block free radicals from the body, which play a large part in the ageing process. Find a huge daily dose of 60mg Vitamin C and 11mg Vitamin E within Complexion Rehab.
  • 100% NATURAL + EASY TO TAKE – Free from GMO, artificial colourings or preservatives, soy, wheat or gluten, using only responsibly sourced premium grade ingredients (not suitable for vegetarians due to marine collagen). 60 x easy-to-swallow capsules (take 2 per day before bed time).
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Love this product, or simply ask for a refund. All HARVEY&COCO products come with a 365 day, no quibble money back guarantee.

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As you age, the collagen levels in your body become reduced. This leads to wrinkles, crows feet, frown lines, dark circles, jowls, sagging and even joint pain.

Complexion Rehab provides your body with a 700mg daily dose of natural marine collagen, along with the perfect dose of hyaluronic acid and vitamins E & C which contribute to the natural formation of collagen.

60 x easy to swallow capsules which are free from porcine or bovine gelatin and manufactured to strict GMP standards in the UK.

100% Money back guarantee

Love this product or get a full refund, no questions asked.

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