Arthred® Collagen Formula 900g powder – by Allergy Research Group

Arthred® Collagen Formula 900g powder - by Allergy Research Group

  • Clinically reported to support joint function
  • To help with healthy bones and connective tissue
  • To help with healthy skin appearance
  • To help with normal metabolism
  • To help with growth hormone secretion

Arthred® is hydrolysed powdered collagen for connective tissue support. Arthred® is a patented, low molecular weight, pharmaceutical grade hydrolysed collagen product. It is a free flowing predigested powder that is easily absorbed. Obtained from a bovine source, it is made through a proprietary process that breaks down the collagen into very small pieces: 3 kilodaltons (kDa) for Arthred® vs. 70 kDa for regular gelatine. Clinically significant doses of regular gelatine typically cause severe gastrointestinal reactions including diarrhoea, precluding its usefulness for cartilage support. Arthred®, by contrast, is extremely digestible and is well tolerated. Arthred® hydrolyzed collagen is a unique protein, containing high amounts of certain amino acids, including glycine, proline, hydroxyproline and arginine. These amino acids have been linked to optimal body composition, healthy bone and connective tissue, healthy skin appearance, tissue anabolism, normal metabolism and growth hormone secretion.

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